VCT Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

You only get one chance to make a first impression. This includes your VCT tile floor.

Many businesses take their VCT tile floors for granted and allow them to look worn and dingy. They invest in many other cosmetic aspects of their buildings and take great pride in their investments. They support and enhance the positive feel and look for their businesses.

However, building a positive look without attending to your floor may detract from the positive look you are trying to create. It is a decision that can be pennywise and pond foolish.

Contact the floor cleaning team at Precision Cleaning and Restoration for more information about how to clean and maintain VCT tile in Madison WI.

Clean and Refinish Your VCT Tile

Companies committing to floor cleaning once or twice per year will accomplish a number of positive things including –

  • Creating a beautiful floor for making a great first impression
  • Providing a better working environment for employees
  • Extending the life of your Tile floor
  • Minimizing or eliminating signs of wear
  • Easier to care for and clean floors

Options In Floor Cleaning

With VCT tile there are two options in the finish you put on the tile. High gloss provides a gorgeous, eye popping shine. For a more subdued feel, a very durable low gloss option is available. It will show wear a little less and sometimes extends the time between VCT refinishing.

Depending on the circumstances in your facility, there may also be green options available to you. If this is an important issue to you, contact the PC & R green cleaning team.

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